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What PayLoadz Can Do for Sellers

Selling digital goods like software, e-books, music, and movies shouldn’t be difficult. But so many sellers have a hard time getting their products out there and making a good profit. In fact, some don’t make a profit at all.

Why do some e-sellers have such a hard time even though they may have a really terrific product? It all comes down to marketing and availability. Getting your name out there and letting people know that your product exists is essential. So, how do you go about getting the word out and selling more of your digital products?

The answer is simple: PayLoadz. PayLoadz is an effective e-commerce solution offering a business platform, e-store, and payment gateway all in one streamlined and easy-to-use website. Even the newest of e-sellers can take advantage of what the site has to offer and enjoy the success of e-sales. So, what can PayLoadz do for sellers like you?

Designed for Sellers with Flexibility in Mind

PayLoadz is designed to help you take charge of your growing online enterprise and sell more digital products. It doesn’t matter what products you have – movies, software, e-books, pdf download anything! PayLoadz provides more than the average e-commerce solution to sellers. With our system, you can develop an entire online business selling your digital products and downloads.

Flexibility is the key to successful sales, and we are flexible. We provide a comprehensive e-business platform and payment gateway for you to take advantage of. Take charge of your business and boost your sales today! While other e-commerce platforms may only provide an easy way of collecting payments, we deliver you an entire business outline. Of course PayLoadz members can use our gateway to collect payments, but they aren’t limited to only that.

Our system can help you increase your user base by reaching more customers and potential clients. The PayLoadz site gets thousands of hits a day, so with our traffic coming in, yours will as well. However, by taking advantage of the PayLoadz Store and our Affiliate System, your reach will go even further. By using everything we have to offer you will maximize your spend on each sale, increase your profits, and build a relationship with your customer base.

Do Business Your Way

Another key to your success is the ability to customize your business to your and your customers’ needs. Remember, the e-business experience that your users have will either make them come back for more or forget all about you. That’s why one experience may be better suited for one seller but not another. For example, music e-sellers wouldn’t enjoy as much success as those who sell technical software. They have different markets.

Building an e-business is just like building a traditional company. It takes motivation, effort, and time. The start-up costs are often what bring about a business’ decline when their sales aren’t making the grade. That’s exactly why PayLoadz members can join for free. There is no sign-up fee or application cost. Depending on the PayLoadz membership type, you may pay a monthly fee to us (ideal for those sellers with a high volume) or not at all and only pay per transaction. It really depends on your needs as a business owner. And it is easy to change membership types at anytime as your business grows.

PayLoadz Offers Both Security and Reliability

Unlike many other payment platforms and gateways, PayLoadz offers both reliability and security. You can rest assured that your private information stays that way. And so does your clients’. We take privacy and security very seriously.

E-sellers can use our system knowing full well that payloadz protect downloads with security and reliability.  Files are stored on our secure servers and only delivered to buyers when payment is confirmed through email or our file download page. We also offer product key registration codes for an added level of authenticity and security.

Even More Options for Sellers

We know that tracking everything is an essential aspect of business and recordkeeping. This applies to everything from what’s selling to how much profit you’re making to what you’re spending on advertising and marketing. The PayLoadz system lets you keep track of everything. You’ll be able to run reports on recent sales, all of your products currently available, and any discounts you may offer.

In addition to succinct tracking and reporting, we have a lot more to offer sellers like you. If you want to offer free samples or subscriptions to your clients, we can help. If you’d like to boost your sales by using our e-store and featured listings program, we can help with that, too! Our system is set up to make you more successful. Why not check us out and join for free today?

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Payloadz provides a service like sell download, e-books, music, movies, digital goods, software delivery, and pay per download option with PayPal. Payload ensures security, reliability, and flexibility to its users for sending downloads.

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Ways to Promote Your Digital Goods

The opportunity for earning a good income from an online business has only increased exponentially over the past couple of years. However, if you don’t know how to promote your digital goods, you won’t enjoy much success. This means that if you are in the business of selling digital goods, you really need to know how to effectively promote your products in order to make a profit.
There are many digital goods available today from eBooks and audio books to webcasts and music to software and manuals. Because technology has brought us so far, there is a growing market for digital products and even more ways in which to market them. Good marketing measures will only lead to more customers.
Things to Think About
It is important to remember that when dealing with Internet sales, many businesses have a lot more competition. The scope of the World Wide Web is literally the entire world, so your marketing scheme must be extremely successful. The first thing to consider when designing a marketing plan is how your digital product is different from others in the same category. Does your product stand out? Who will want it over what the competition offers?
Create a Website
One of the easiest, and most effective, ways to promote your digital goods is to create a website that is dedicated to your products exclusively. It is virtually effortless to set up a website. In fact, if you attempt to sell a digital product without an online presence potential customers may question your credibility. An online presence is a key element in promoting your digital goods. Be it a website or blog, this is a must-have.
A website alone won’t drive the customers in, but it helps. You will also need to consider a deeper analysis of your advertising and marketing goals. Part of your scheme should be to promote your website, in addition to your products. Remember, the better your website is ranked, the more people will see it naturally. This will, in turn, result in more sales without having to spend so much money in the long run.
Promote the Website
So, how do you get your website an audience? First of all, get it bookmarked in the numerous bookmarking sites. Submit it to all the directories you can. Write articles and place them in article directories linking back to your site. In doing all this, you are promoting not only your website but your digital products. You are also setting yourself up as an expert in the field.
You may also consider PPC, also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising. This will allow you to bid on certain keywords that are relevant to your website and digital goods. Keywords and phrases are what your potential clients put into their search fields when surfing the web. You want to be one of the first sites they come across in the results. Although PPC is a great way to garner some traffic, you also want to do so organically.
Obtaining organic website traffic all comes down to a really good website. And remember, your website will govern your sales overall. The primary website featuring your goods should be presentable and professional. The content should be well written and clear. The navigation should be user-friendly. It is advisable to write for your customers, not for the search engine spiders.
Use a Payment Platform and Gateway
Having your own website is an essential part of promoting your digital goods, but you want to give your customers every opportunity to find them. Get your products listed on the different e-seller sites and if possible, also list them on the Internet auction sites like eBay. You can never give your customers enough options. One such gateway is PayLoadz. With PayLoadz, member retailers can list their digital goods within the available e-store or simply use the system as a payment platform. The choice is yours.
Join Affiliate Programs
An affiliate program is an excellent way to promote and sell digital goods. Though the details between the many different affiliate programs out there may vary, the basic principle is the same – you join and other members become your affiliates thus promoting your products in exchange for a fee or a percentage of the sale. Though this isn’t “free advertising” it is pretty close. Your affiliates will do much of the work to drive customers to your website and thus close the sale. In turn, you pay the affiliate for the “work”.
Though this should, in no way, be considered an exhaustive list of how to promote your digital goods, it is a good start. The Internet is a vast community with much opportunity, so when it comes to selling downloadable products, you must stay on the cutting edge. It is a good idea to stay informed of what your competitors are doing and how you can do it better!

Payloadz is online digital goods shopping website. We provide cheap software distribution, secure and reliable product download, pdf download and secure pay per download. Take a look at our website to buy our products.

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What Every E-Book Author Should Know

Have you written an e-book or are you seriously considering doing so in the near future? If you are planning on writing an e-book anytime soon, there are some things you need to ask yourself. Do you have what it takes to commit to writing such a piece? If so, why haven’t you begun already? If you are reluctant to start writing your e-book, here are some things that every e-book author should know.
Examine Yourself
First, take a look at your overall attitude, skill, and knowledge. Authoring an e-book isn’t too different than writing a traditional book (often called “p-books” in the Internet publishing world) in the sense that you will need to be ready with the basics – knowledge, preparedness, dedication, and drive. Of course, this article will not provide you with every little thing you need to know about yourself and the e-book writing process, but it will give you a good start and an idea of where you stand so far.
When writing an e-book, your knowledge of the subject area, experience with the issues presented in your work, and familiarity with the targeted audience must be assumed. This non-conventional, reflective look will help you maximize your existing abilities. When writing an e-book you need to keep in mind that the overall project will ultimately be a culmination of some major aspects of writing traditionally as well as for electronic media with one very big difference – your e-book is meant to be read on a computer screen, not the paper page. That means writing is just one aspect of the entire process.
The Presentation
Because an e-book is a digital product, potential readers will not be able to pick up the book in the store or library and hold it. Many customers will pick up a book and read the dust jacket description to get an idea of what the book is about. Here’s where the digital book cover comes in. It must still be visually appealing with good photography or graphics and include enough information to give a customer an idea of the “big picture”.
The Target Market
Think about the technological expertise of your target audience. Though reading an e-book doesn’t require any special technical skills, it does assume that the reader has access to a computer and knows how to download information from the Internet. If readers are not familiar with at least the basic principles of using the web, your e-book may not be appealing.
Overall your e-book whether fiction or non-fiction must be an interesting read. Will readers want to read what you have to say? Is your story attention-grabbing? Do you know what you’re talking about? While appealing the audience is integral, you still have the upper-hand over new or first-time traditional book authors. Why is that? It is much easier to sell an e-book online than it is to get a book published. This means you have more control and can even market yourself a little more effectively. Once you’ve completed your e-book you will need to consider marketing and advertising plans.
Do the Research
All e-book authors are required to do an incredible amount of research, just like any other author. If you are planning on writing an e-book, chances are you’ve already conducted quite a bit of research and preparation. But remember, there is always room for improvement. Personal experience, previous articles you’ve written, book and website resources, videos, seminars, training sessions, and workshops are all good sources. However, in order to excel in writing e-books you must have excellent research skills. It is imperative when writing non-fiction that your information be relevant, current, and accurate.
Put On Your Entrepreneur Cap
Writing an e-book isn’t just about your love of writing, good research, and having something to say. It also comes down to the entrepreneurial spirit. Do you have it? When you write an e-book you will need to promote it, just like any other digital good. As an e-book author, you essentially launch yourself into the world of business – the business of YOU. An active involvement in every aspect of your e-book production and promotion is essential. You will also need to be involved in selling the e-book too. If you don’t do anything other than write it, the chances are you will be the only reader of your e-book.
Writing an e-book can be rewarding, both personally and professionally. You can share your knowledge while making a living. But every e-book author needs to know that nothing comes for free. Time will be your biggest investment – research, writing, marketing, and selling ebooks all are processes that take time – but you will also spend some money. You can make a pdf format and protect it with pdf password; this will help you to protect your book from free download. As the old business owner adage goes, “it takes money to make money”. You will need to invest money in the publication and marketing of your e-book, but when done right, you will gain many returns for both your time and money in the long run.
Payloadz is an online service to purchase and sell digital goods like software, ebooks, music, movies, digital arts and articles etc. with simplest pay-per-download scheme. Try out our service of sending downloads once you will prefer us in future also.

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Vital Components of E-Book Marketing

If you have written an e-book, there is no question that you will need a good marketing strategy. The marketing strategy you have will either make or break your success in the e-book industry and will directly affect the number of sales you have. And remember, your sales influence the revenue and profit you stand to make. Knowing this, here are some vital components of e-book marketing that every e-book author should know.
1 – Start a Blog and Get a Website
One of the first things you should do when you’ve written an e-book is to get a website and a blog. It is a good idea to have both, whenever possible. With the blog you can build up a readership which may end up translating into sales. You can post articles, thoughts, and start dialogues about your e-book and the topics it may cover. A blog is a great way to build a community and following online. Those that read your blog would be likely to purchase your e-book. Your blog should end up linking to your website.
The website, in addition to the blog, is going to be one of your most powerful marketing tools. If you don’t want to set up a unique website for your e-book, your existing site absolutely must have a sales page dedicated to the e-book only. No other information should be found on the sales page. However, it is ideal that you set up a website, just like the blog, that is dedicated to the e-book only. If you can set up a domain that specifically references your e-book, even better! Doing so will afford you credibility.
2 – Build a Mailing List
You may have heard that a mailing list is important when it comes to marketing and advertising. It couldn’t be truer for e-book authors. Did you know that people must see a marketing message a couple of times before they actually commit to making a purchase based on that message? That’s exactly why you need a mailing list and a newsletter. This is a great, and inexpensive, way of keeping your e-book on the minds of potential readers. Newsletters, like websites and blogs, help build and improve your credibility in the eyes of the customer.
If you do begin a newsletter, you must make sure that you send it out on a regular basis. The most common frequencies are weekly and monthly, so the choice is yours. The most important thing about the newsletter and mailing list is that you include only quality information. You want your readers, and potential customers, to trust you.
3 – Article Marketing
Have you heard of article marketing? Article marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out about your e-book. The scheme is exactly what it sounds like – the writing of articles and making them available online through various sites for accessibility. The greatest exposure often comes from article directory sites. Such sites allow almost anyone to publish an article and are widely read. Article marketing can also drive traffic to your website and blog.
In order to use article marketing successfully for e-books, you need to focus on writing articles either about the e-book or on topics closely related to the subject matter within your e-book. While it is acceptable to publish some articles about the e-book, you do want to stay away from too many summaries and reviews. It comes down to building your authority and credibility. When readers see an article that they like, they will often read more about the author and in turn purchase the e-book.
4 – Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Though you may not have considered Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for your e-book, it is an effective tool. Many webmasters hoping to increase traffic to their websites take advantage of the benefits of PPC. It is, in fact, one of the easiest and fastest ways to drive traffic to your e-book’s blog, website, or sales page. Of course, PPC does cost money, so you may only want to use it for a limited time.
5 – Regular Advertising
Don’t forget the regular advertising. Just because your book isn’t published on paper and sitting on shelves in a bookstore, it doesn’t mean you can’t advertise traditionally. E-books are read by the same people that read traditional books. Feel free to publish advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and on the radio. If you can afford a television spot, do it!
6 – Use a Payment Platform or Gateway
When selling an e-book, you will want to give your readers every opportunity to make that purchase. There are a number of sites out there that can help you achieve this goal. A payment platform and gateway will allow your readers to quickly purchase and download your e-book with security and very little effort. Something like PayLoadz is often perfect for selling e-books as it not only makes it easy to purchase and download products but also has its own e-store.

Payloadz is an online service to purchase and sell digital goods like software, ebooks, music, movies, digital arts and articles etc. with simplest pay-per-download scheme. Try out our service of sending downloads once you will prefer us in future also.


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